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Ear Cropping is a matter of choice.   Cropping should be done between 6-10 weeks of age.    It is not mandatory in this breed but preferred by many.  In many countries cropping is illegal.  According to the FCI Standard No. 343 for the Cane Corso " Ears of  medium size in relation to the volume of the head and to the size of the dog; covered with short hair, of triangular shape, with rather pointed apex and thick cartilage, in a high position, much above the zygomatic arch, with a wide bottom, hanging, they stick to the cheeks without coming down to the throat. Quite outstretched and slightly protruding at the joint, they become semi-erect when the dog is watchful.  They usually get amputated in a equilateral-triangular shape. " The correct  crop for a Corso according to the FCI standard 343  is illustrated below. 

A correctly cropped ear should not need to be taped in order to stand.  If the ears are not standing after crop due to cartilage weakness or incorrect crop, you can buy moleskin or Dr. Scholl's footpad at your local drug store, cut it in the shape of the ear, glue with skin bond  (available at most local pharmacies or through J&B Wholesale) to inside of ear for support.  The photos below illustrate this method.


frontofear.jpg (52580 bytes)   sideagain.jpg (39025 bytes)





   Brunoearcrop.jpg (35760 bytes)Briseis.jpg (12841 bytes)Briseis2.jpg (27275 bytes)



tooshort.jpg (26213 bytes)Danecrop.jpg (54401 bytes)

                "Too Short"                                                  "Too Long"




Jake2.jpg (25631 bytes)intactbluemale.jpg (21753 bytes)natears.jpg (165160 bytes)






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