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General Health Information

Cane Corsos are probably about average when it comes to the number of hereditary health problems that they are prone to in comparison to other large breeds.  As any other large breed, they are very prone to joint problems due to their size.  For more information on genetic problems, please check out each individual link for specific information on certain health problems affecting the Cane Corso.

Potentially life threatening or Serious Problems in the Cane Corso:

 Conditions with a * in front of them are inherited)

       Joint problems:   *hip dysplasia; *elbow dysplasia, degenerative joint disease,  osteochondritis dissecans (OCD) of the shoulders, knees, elbows, or hocks.

       Heart Problems:  *cardiomyopathy, *mitral valve defect, *heart murmurs or any other cardiac problems known to be hereditary.

       Other:  bloat, * epilepsy.

Less serious and/or less common:

       Eye problems:  entropia, ectropian dry eye, and cherry eye.

       Skin: * demodectic mange, any type of skin allergy due to food, environment, and weak immune system.

       Reproductive:  *monorchid, *cryptorchid

       Other:  *Von Willebrands Disease,  *Thyroid problems

Some common non-genetic health problems in the Cane Corso and many other large breeds are:

       Cruciate ligament rupture, panosteitis, hot spots, cysts, tumors, cancer ( some forms of cancer are inherited, but most are not)  


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